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Michael Argaman, CLU, ChFC, ChSNC

Michael Argaman, CLU, ChFC, ChSNC

Founder and Wealth Managment Advisor


Circuitous. That’s how one might describe Michael’s journey to success in the financial services arena. From humble beginnings working on a kibbutz in Israel for an electronics manufacturer to a stint working as a tour guide in Central America, Michael always knew that his real calling in life married his economics degree and tutoring experience in math and economics with a deep-seated desire to work with people.

Michael found his niche in 1991—working with professionals serious about utilizing pension benefits and effective retirement planning. More specifically, his areas of expertise include working with educators and administrators, as well as investors interested in socially responsible investing—an investment strategy favoring corporate practices that are environmentally responsible, support workplace diversity, and increase product safety and quality. Socially responsible investing sometimes also seeks to avoid businesses involved in tobacco, weapons and/or other military industries. Whatever the philosophy, Michael brings helpful experience in insurance and securities.


Michael’s business is founded on client service and technical accuracy. He takes pride in his intuitive style and approach predicated on “helping every client, large or small, feel successful in planning for the future.” His diversity of experience makes him a natural fit for early to mid-career professionals, as well as those nearing retirement.

As Michael puts it, “Success in serving clients is based on understanding what’s important to each client, asking smart questions and demonstrating sincere caring and commitment to building long-term relationships that transcend one transaction here or one transaction there.”

Personal and Professional Affiliations

When he is not working on social justice issues, he enjoys traveling to off-the-beaten-path locations around the world. Michael is a member of Society of Financial Service Professionals.

Michael has three nearly grown children. He and his wife, Kathy, reside in Brighton. Michael is fluent in Spanish and Hebrew.